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Elena Gritti, visiting scholar at HCMH, shares her experience

“Discovery and Hospitality”! This was the motto of our visiting scholar, Dr. Elena Gritti, University of Bergamo, Italy.
Elena, through the Mobility Project ‘Outgoing Visiting Fellow’ promoted by her University, spent an entire month researching in our center. An expert on ancient mobility in the Roman Empire, she is writing a prosopographical study of people moving between Northern Italy and the Levant in both directions. During her stay, Elena enthusiastically continued her research work, exchanged with other HCMH scholars, and visited the sites that her sources mention: Caesarea, Bet She’an, Sussita, among others. Before her departure, she delivered a very interesting lecture about some of her travelers, which was followed by a lively discussion between HCMH members. We were delighted to host Elena and to give her an academic home for research and discovery. We encourage other scholars and researchers to do the same!