Dr. Micha Perry

Department of Jewish History

Research field: Jewish History

Dr. Perry (Ph.D. 2008, Hebrew University) is a lecturer in the department for Jewish History at the University of Haifa. In 2010, his book Tradition and Transformation: Knowledge Transmission among Medieval Jews was published in Hebrew. His primary areas of research are: medieval Jewish history; transmission and reception of knowledge; Jewish-Christian relations in medieval Europe; and medieval multilingualism. His latest publications include: “Jewish Heaven, Christian Hell: Rabbi Joshua ben Levi’s Vision of the Afterlife,” The Journal of Medieval History 43, 2 (2017): 212-227; “Communal Scribes and the Rise of a Uniform Hebrew Style around the Mediterranean in the 11th Century,” Zion 82, 2-3 (2017): 267-308 (Hebrew); “Hatpasa – Jewish Translata Documents from Medieval Catalonia: Formula, Law and Society,” The Journal of Medieval Iberian Studies (Oct. 2017).

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