Prof. Aryeh Kofsky

Department of Israel Studies

Research field: History of Christianity in the East; The Nusayri-Alawi religion.

Prof. Kofsky got his Ph.D. from Hebrew University of Jerusalem (1990).

Among his Books: Eusebius of Caesarea Against Paganism (Leiden, 2000), The Monastic School of Gaza (with B. Bitton Ashkelony, Leiden 2006), Syriac Idiosyncrasies: Theology and Hermeneutics in Early Syriac Literature (with S. Ruzer, Leiden 2010), Reshaping Identities in Late Antique Syria-Mesopotamia: Christian and Jewish Hermeneutics and Narrative Strategies (with S. Ruzer, Piscataway 2016), and The Nusayri-Alawi Religion: An Enquiry into its Theology and Liturgy (with M. Bar-Asher, Leiden 2002).