Dr. Shulamit Miller 2022-2024


Shulamit Miller is an archaeologist of the Roman and Late Antique periods who holds a PhD from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Her work engages the urban culture of the Levant within the broader social and economic contexts of the Mediterranean through a study of material culture, visual representations, and textual sources. At the HCMH, Shulamit is developing a new project Urban Gardens of Late Antiquity: Society, Economy, and Sustainability, which focuses on gardens as forms of urban agriculture, shaping urban space and impacting the quality of life of local inhabitants.

Shulamit has her recently completed a project dedicated to changing religious landscapes in the predominantly Jewish cities of the Galilee, and as a result has co-authored Sepphoris 3: The Temple and Eastern Church in the Lower City. She has also excavated at several sites in the Galilee and continues to be actively involved in the study of the two main cities of the region, Sepphoris and Tiberias. Additional areas of her interests include houses and daily life, urban development, private and public space, mosaic art, Jewish and Christian art and architecture, and the larger questions of cultural connectivity between the Levant and broader Mediterranean region.