Beatrice Pestarino Receives the CRABA 2023 Award!

The CRABA, Cyprus Review Annual Book Awards, were launched by the Journal Cyprus Review, in 2019 due to its long and multifaceted interaction with Cypriot literature, as well as the community of academics, researchers and scholars who produce scholarly work in the field of social sciences with a clear Cyprological dimension. Since then, they have been held every year with the aim of rewarding these researchers for their contribution to Cypriot literature. The awards are given in three categories (History/Political Sciences, Social Sciences, Law). 

The monograph  Kypriōn Politeia, the Political and Administrative Systems of the Classical Cypriot City-Kingdoms (Brill) by Beatrice Pestarino , has been selected for an award in the category “History and Political Sciences”. Specifically, in the framework of the CRABA 2023 (Cyprus Review Annual Book Awards 2023), which concerns books with a Cyprological focus published within 2022, the Committee decided to grant Beatrice Pestarino the “Junior Researcher Award” (for early career researcher under 40 years old).

 Through new readings and interpretation of Cypriot inscriptions – written in Cypriot-syllabic Greek, Eteocypriot, Phoenician, and alphabetic Greek – Kypriōn Politeia, the Political and Administrative Systems of the Classical Cypriot City-Kingdoms is the first book which reconstructs in detail the political and administrative systems of the Classical city-kingdoms of Cyprus. The book investigates the bodies of government beyond the Cypriot kings and the roles played by magistrates and officials in local governments, it analyses accounts of the headquarters of the main administrative and economic activities – such as palace archives, and tax collection hubs –, and demonstrates that these systems were similar in all the city-kingdoms.

Congratulations dear Beatrice!