Travelling matters: rereading, reshaping, reusing objects across the Mediterranean

International workshop co-organized by PIMo - People in Motion and HCMH

Astrolabio Piano, Arab manufacture, 14 th century (?) © Museo Galileo, Florence. Inventory n. 1109

In the last two decades, objects have become increasingly relevant to historical studies as the primary focus of research discussing cross-cultural relations. Objects are produced, used, modified, preserved and destroyed according to historically specific political and cultural settings, thus providing researchers with information and insights about their original background. The workshop “Travelling matters: rereading, reshaping, reusing objects across the Mediterranean” intends to tackle objects as sources and subjects of the history of cross-cultural encounters in innovative ways focusing on the “second-handedness” of displaced objects across the Mediterranean with a broad chronology, extending from antiquity to the present-day intersecting different time frames

Thursday, September 8, 2022

Room #606, Main Building, University of Haifa

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