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The Haifa Center for Mediterranean History is delighted to invite you to the inaugural meeting of the Mediterranean Forum.

The Forum aims to bring together a broad research community of historians, scientists, and humanists in Israel who define their work as Mediterranean in a broad and flexible sense. We will hold 4 to 6 meetings annually, in Haifa and in other locations. In these meetings, Israeli scholars as well as international guests present and discuss their recent work on a variety of Mediterranean themes. Visit our website (hcmh.haifa.ac.il) for more detail on upcoming meetings. If you would like to offer a paper for the Mediterranean Forum, please be in touch with the co-directors.


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The Haifa Center for the History of the Mediterranean is glad to invite you to the second lecture of the Mediterranean Forum, which will be given by Prof. John Watkins on the topic of "Working around the Ius Gentium: Diplomatic Lies and the Invention of Southern Europe."

We hope to see you all on January 2nd at 16:15 at the Eshkol Tower Observatory. 


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 As part of the Annual Haifa Conference on Mediterranean Sea Research,  which took place in November 2017, and was dedicated to The History of the Mediterranean the center set up a small-scale temporary exhibition in the Library of the University of Haifa. The exhibition, titled VIA MARIS accompanied the conference and will remain in the Library a few months after the event. The exhibition presents unique objects, hitherto un-exhibited in the Library (and some never shown anywhere else) – e.g. early maps and coins from the

The Haifa Conference was established four years ago by the University of Haifa and the Municipality of Haifa, and its main aim is to highlight current issues related to Mediterranean research, bring these issues to the attention of the wider community of researchers in Israel and abroad, and provoke respective leading-edge discussion. During the last decade, the University of  Haifa has taken the leading role in Mediterranean research in Israel, not least as a result of the foundation of the Charney School for Marine Sciences (CSMS), which serves as the superior coordinating authority of the Haifa Conference.